Because finance management is one of the most crucial aspects of the hotel management, Horizon has a different and well balanced way of handling every minute area of it by implementing sophisticated processes and advanced systems.

It is also backed by decades of experience of managing financial systems with an objective of maximizing the customer satisfaction, revenues and profitability. Facilitating simplified solutions by resolving complex functionalities and processes is what evidently differentiates HHMI as an authentic and resourceful entity in the arena of hotel management business. Our strengths are of course embodied in our highly experienced and qualified CPAs operating through an all integrated state-of-art financial network.


  • The financial services division at HHMI has its distinct way of gathering, interpreting and consolidating financial inputs and information which ensures the cost-effective and profitable management of all our hotels. To that effect, our systems are securely streamlined to assist the corporate management team to closely monitor all the operational aspects of each and every property on a regular basis.
  • Specific ownership teams are also in place for critical functional areas such as compensation, insurance, associate benefits and retirement options which would enhance the overall performance with perfection.
  • Our policy framework on finance management is very stringent which also mandates the process to remain competitive, attractive and affordable to the hotel owners.